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Advance Your Strategic Execution Capability

Be Prepared for your TRansformation

Are you disappointed with the progress against your strategic plans? Are you increasingly weary of schedules slipping month after month with no end in sight? Are your shareholders growing impatient, customers becoming frustrated, and employees increasing resistance as you progress deeper into your implementation plans? Our comprehensive approach accelerates senior leaders ability to get under these challenges and more in as soon as 30 days.

We offer a tailored project to Discover, Strategize, and Roadmap your enterprise transformational preparedness in 30-90 days, depending on scope and scale. Our approach includes:

  • Discovery of your current internal transformational capabilities to identify gaps in your progress against plans, oversight of delivery, and actual results. We do this through reviews of your processes and deliverables followed-up by in-person interviews of key leaders.

  • Strategic selection, alignment, and design of the highest leverage capabilities using co-creative workshops with senior leaders so we can accelerate your transformation to be more efficient and effective.

  • Creating a roadmap to plan and activate the improvement of your enterprise transformational capabilities with clear accountability and timelines.

  • Delivery of a cloud-based dashboard for ongoing planning, monitoring, and measurement of your tailored capability model and improvement roadmap, so you can take ownership of your improvements.

A simple early investment OR an interim check-point in your preparedness to implement your strategic transformation will improve your financial returns and reduce resistance to your goals. Let’s shorten the distance between your strategic intentions and realizing the value, together.

We help organizations and their leaders capitalize on their transformations. Our approach generates alignment and commitment to your strategy by your people through the most valuable enterprise transformation model available today. Click to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation.

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast
Experience has taught us that with increased complexity comes the need for increased capability.
— Joe Rafter, Business Change Leader

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Leadership Coaching

create the breakthrough you need to lead change

We approach our coaching relationships with a critical mind to focus on the business results you need to generate while holding compassionate, candid, and insightful conversations. Our approach creates a honest, personal, and trusting relationships. We promise to challenge your thinking, behavior, and ways of relating together with the intention of finding the new mindsets, behaviors, and culture to accelerate the achievement of your strategic plans.

Our coaching is based on working with other global leaders helping them to pursue the business and personal breakthrough results. Using a wide-range of leading edge coaching techniques, we commit to challenge you to get well beyond your comfort zone so you can develop new leadership muscles that unleash the potential in others. Our clients tell us that we not only change them as business professionals, but we enable them to become better family members, friends, and community leaders.

Proactive Implementation Support

Guardian Angel Services

Have you been given a great opportunity to deliver on a massively complex program for your leadership? Is this your moment to shine as a Business Change Leader? For decades we have delivered large complex programs in dozens of industries across the globe, and we have seen it all! The Board and/or your leaders have challenged you because they believe in you and they want to stretch you. How can you ensure that you are optimally positioned for success in this new role?

Our Guardian Angel Services provide you with an experienced and seasoned executive who will engage with you, the C-Suite, or Sponsor of a complex program your organization needs to deliver to win in the market. Our Guardian Angel Services provide advice, counsel, and the kind of straight talk that you, the C-Suite, and/or Sponsor need in these complex and critical situations. Our Guardian Angel Services speak the truth as we see it based on our experience, in a confidential, candid, and supportive manner across all areas of complex program delivery: strategy, budget, business process, organization, data, technology, leadership, culture, and more.

You are about to embark on a professional experience of a lifetime! Make the most of it, by engaging our Guardian Angel Services so that you can see, hear, say, and respond in the best possible manner thereby setting up your Board, C-Suite, colleagues, and self for success.



Reactive Implementation Support


Troubled Project Recovery

Do you have a large complex system integration project that keeps slipping their schedule? Are your users increasing their resistance solution that continues to be delayed? Do you keep increasing the budget of the project and fail to see any progress? Is the C-suite and/or Board growing impatient waiting for the project to magically turn around?

We have seen this, and more all before. With global experience, turning around double-digit million dollar programs, we can help. In fact, we have developed a repeatable process to assessing, strategizing and proposing how to turn around a highly troubled project saving millions of dollars of cost and hours of lost time. For decades we have helped many of the worlds largest firms, address their most troubled programs and projects across a multitude of industries, solutions, business functions, and geographies.

Keynote Speaker

Bringing Transformational leadership to audiences worldwide

With over a decade of experience speaking to a global conference audiences, serving as a master of ceremonies, and keynoting company meetings, Joe Rafter will work with you to create an experience that will stretch your organization or association's current thinking, unveiling new mindset potential, and accelerating your strategy and execution. Joe will tailor his messages and speaking style to fit your audience and set a call to action for a new way of listening, leading, and working together.



Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

webinar on the Business Change Leadership Capability Model