Are You Living Your Purpose?

Have you asked yourself "what is your purpose in this world" or "what is your legacy"? I find these questions to be profoundly shifting in relation to how we view ourselves on a daily basis. Having asked these questions a dozen or so times, with only those who I have my most trusted relationship with, each time, it is like time has stopped, and the recipients of my question are "stopped in their tracks" pausing to take a perspective of their life inside the office as well as outside the office to consciously ponder an answer. I rarely, if ever, have received an immediate answer that honors the depth of the question. And the recipients get the depth! That's why they are "stopped in their tracks". I submit to you that these are questions that bring clarity to life, to your daily comings and goings, to your trials and tribulations, and to measure the value of the investment you make daily with the cost of doing so.

If you have read this far into my post, I have an ask for you. Is it the - trying to answer the question in the title - that drew you to read these details? If so, where do you find your mind wandering? Is it outside of you, towards your career, profession, title, income, or social status? Or, is it inside of you, towards your values, beliefs, and honest intentions as if no one were judging or measuring you by your answer? Either was is fine. If your default response is of the former, the outside, write it down, take note, and then look inside, to your higher self. Complete your answer from the outside and then look inside. If your response is of the latter, the inside, ask yourself "why". Stay in the question, the wonderment of your purpose for another minute, hour, week, or month. This is not an answer who's quality is measured in response time. Any answer is accurate, and only you know the true answer.

Stay in the question. Be in enquiry of the question AND the answer, for, how do you truly know that your answer is the true answer to the question: what is your life's purpose? You will rarely find a better question or answer to ponder in life. And if you do, please let me know because I am very curious to hear your perspective.