Valuable perspective from someone in my network.....

This slide show outlines an interesting and valuable summary of change management. While it is hard to argue with (like motherhood and applie pie for Americans), it is 1000% accurate, in my experiences. The challenge is in delivering on such a vision. This outlines "how to implement change management" but leaves us short of the specific tactics. I thoroughly respect Torben's thoughts, and simultaneously welcome your thoughts and insights "from the coalface" of change. As an example, what if the "sense of urgency" or as others have referred to it, "the burning platform" is not compelling enough? I have personally witnessed many companies virtually stand on the burning platform and electively choose to "catch fire" and gamble with their future as opposed to leap from the platform and swim with the sharks. Miraculously, some people survive the flames! No doubt, the burning platform is critical, but if you were standing on the burning platform, what external motivations would compel you to leap from your current comfort zone?

This presentation encapsulates the concepts of change management very well. I offer it to provoke deeper thinking and discussion on the subject. 

How to implement successful Change Management?[gigya width="425" height="355" src="" quality="high" flashvars="gig_lt=1242700074039&gig_pt=1242700096195&gig_g=1&gig_n=wordpress" wmode="tranparent" ]
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