New Blog Site

This blogging thing is not necessarily my game. I have had a blog at ( for a year or so, and it has not gone very far. I prefer to talk or present with graphics, but I am going to make an effort to get this going with links to my career and professional interests. We'll see how it goes. Right now, work is all about change and transformation. Getting people, organizations, and cultures to understand a new way of doing things can be incredibly hard, frustrating, annoying, and rewarding at the same time. The pressure to deliver / execute is only challenged by the pressure to learn. The learning is what I like the most. No one, I don't care who they are, or for how long they have been involved in change management or business transformation can make a claim that their learning is over in this space. This is why I love this type of role so much. Everyday, leading change requires the ability to deliver, drive, and lead, while at the same time, be comfortable with the fact that you are learning, polishing, fine tuning your techniques and approaches to fast paced change. Each environment, culture, company, or industry that change occurs within needs a tailored approach based on the uniqueness of these elements. This forces learning and tailoring of previosu experiences and approaches.

I hope this blog grows and increases in relevancy with respect to change, business transformation and leadership. I welcome your comments and feedback.