Business Change Leadership is a boutique management consultancy that advises organizations and their leaders to address complex situations. We do this by delivering comprehensive solutions that generate business outcomes while optimizing human potential. Our unique approach positions you to drive measurable results by linking your business strategy, governance, enterprise architecture, system integration, project & portfolio management, leadership development, communication, and training disciplines together.

“We are consultants with proven industry experience committed to delivering uncommon value, because our life’s work is to generate business, professional, and personal breakthroughs.”

Joe Rafter, Owner & CEO

Our team has delivered meaningful change across Fortune 500 companies, the public sector, and non-profit organizations on a global scale for over 40 years. With a “roll up your sleeves” philosophy, we partner with you and take an ownership view of your business. Our team places a high emphasis on decisions and relationships because we understand how they impact people, processes, and platforms.

Partner with us and go beyond managing change to leading your transformation by uniting your teams to achieve more, together.


  1. Congrats on the new launch Joe! Here’s to an abundance of work!

  2. You bring so much to this work, Joe. So happy that you can now offer even more of your skill and talent to the field of business transformation. Look forward to hearing what’s next for you!

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