Leadership Breakthrough

Leadership Breakthrough Consulting

We offer Leadership Breakthrough Consulting services that enable leaders to launch, course correct, and enrich their individual mindsets and team culture to enable their strategic intentions. With deliver these outcomes by consciously designing experiences that support the following types of changes:

  • Launching a New Function
  • Transition of New Leadership
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation
  • Town Hall / All hands Planning & Facilitation
  • Team Culture Assessment& Building
  • Individual and Team Breakthroughs

Executive Leadership Coaching

Are you searching to reach new levels of achievement in life and work? Do you have a track record of success and achievement, yet are still missing that bigger victory for your company, your family, or yourself? Perhaps you are facing into a new challenge that requires you to think, act, and relate to others in new ways. If you face any of these challenges, we can help.

We offer executive leadership coaching grounded in the belief that no single perspective is complete. Our methods help you optimize your impact and achieve your highest self by generating a new way of seeing, working and being. We help you source your best self as certified coaching practitioners in the Integral Method from Integral Coaching Canada.

  • Generating Leadership Breakthroughs
  • Individual Performance Improvement
  • Team Development & Intervention