“You have cheered us, encouraged us, led us in meetings, conferences, workshops and many other events and activities. You are an awesome leader because you bring the best out of people around you with your trust, encouragement, and big smiles. You also challenged us to bring the much needed change leadership to other organizations. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the positive energy and impact you have brought to our lives.”

– PMO Analyst and Team Member

“Joe has redefined Change Management at our Media / Advertising Company. Prior to Joe coming on board, our company was faltering and had no game plan to constructively select and prioritize the key projects that have the most impact on the business. Joe has educated the Executive team on the value of a disciplined Change Management Process. This process was unanimously adopted and is now the driving force as we transform our business from a single print product business to a multi-product multi media company. I am grateful to have Joe as the leader of our Change Management team during this critical time.”

– VP, Production Operations

“You made a big difference here and should be proud of all that you have done to implement a change focus, approach, and process that has helped us better implement projects and initiatives. Its impact will last well into the future.”

– VP, Electric Operations

“You brought change to a level that no one else could have.”

– Process Improvement Leader

“You leave us a better company than you found us.”

– Senior Director, Corporate Training

“Joe is tasked with managing the change of a large company that is not only changing, but is completely re-inventing itself. Joe is thriving in this environment and the company is making great strides under his leadership. “Herding cats” is probably the best way of describing what is happening and we are all in line. Joe is very effective, but as importantly, he is building great relationships along the way.”

– VP, Print Media

“Thank you for our many talks.”

– SVP, Utility Operations

“Thank you, thank you for caring about people, thank you for your courage to speak up, thank you for your positive enthusiasm, and for building a network of positive change leaders.”

– Director, Electric Utility Operations

“Thank you Joe for introducing us to ourselves, our capabilities, and our potential. Your vision as a leader, and your ability to coach everyone who participated in the journey, had indeed left its mark.”

– Technology Risk Strategist

“Joe is a great leader with excellent strategies and ideas for dealing with teams and team management. His varied background and experience, working with many different businesses and business cultures, has also allowed him to understand the nuances of performance management and how to get the best performance out of individuals and teams in many different company settings. He is a “down to earth” type individual who is very open in sharing ideas and communicating in general. In addition, he also has a background that is well rounded with respect to technical management, with exposure in many aspects of Information Technology in general.”

– VP, Infrastructure

“You changed a company that needed changing-you changed lives for the better…think about that…I’d call it a successful assignment and a job well done. You’re a good man Joe, and I have personally, and professionally, grown as a result of your influence and example. I will not forget  and you should know the debt of gratitude I have for your time, effort, and friendship.”

– Director, Maintenance and Construction

“Its been an honor to be personally and positively impacted by your work. Thank you for your courage to lead such a large and complex transformation.”

– HR Program Manager

“You set up such a professional change management team, certainly more efficient and effective than I have seen at any other company.”

– Director, Procurement

“I learned more about change management in two years than I did through college, business school, and in previous job positions. You are a great leader and you have a way of inspiring and motivating individuals to be part of something bigger.”

– HR Program Specialist

“As someone who has coached change leadership in a previous life, I learned a lot from you; how you connect deeply and quickly with the audience through authenticity and passion. You left an indelible, positive and inspirational impression on many. We acknowledge your gifts and humility; you made a big difference.”

– Corporate Training Specialist