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Are you a Purpose Maximizer or Profit Maximizer?

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RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us – StumbleUpon. In light of the increased chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and traditional business magazines regarding employe engagement, I want to recall the video above from Dan Pink that highlights human motivations and the path it highlights towards employee engagement. While many consultants and practitioners offer a process

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Are you achieving your higher self? A Simple Two Question Test.

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Many years ago, my work shifted from a job to a career. In the recent years, my career became my vocation. Along this journey, my work / goals / objectives expanded beyond integrating processes and systems, to integrating people and teams, to now include helping others expand themselves so they may better achieve their own work / goals / objectives. Along these

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Gamification of Change: 4 Principles

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Imagine one day you walk into your bosses office, and she tells you that she needs you to lead the newest and biggest change initiative in the company. It’s brand new, it’s sponsored by the CEO, the board is behind it, and there is no one better than you in the company to lead the team. All the opportunity you

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Project Canaries

admin/ June 30, 2012/ Business Transformation, Delivery & Execution, Leadership, Transformation Tools & Techniques/ 2 comments

On my way home the other day, I heard a classic song from my youth, Canary in a Coalmine by The Police. This song reminded me of a book that I have found to be insightful and a concept within Business Transformation that is worth expanding upon here. The book is Corporate Canaries: Avoid Business Disasters with a Coal Miner’s Secrets, by

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Defining Agile Change Management

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UPDATE – Please be sure to check out the Change Management Manifesto as well. How much process is too much process? How can you implement enough process so that you get the benefits (e.g. efficiency, repeatability, scale, etc.) but not too much so as to slow down your agility? The Change Management discipline / industry would be wise to reflect

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