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What is Your Transformation Engine?

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“In the future, the real core competence of companies will be the ability to continuously and creatively destroy and remake themselves to meet customer demands.” –Noel Tichy, Author of The Leadership Engine The concept of re-inventing ourselves is not new. There are countless examples of this mantra in history, think about the U.S.S.R, Germany, or China, and our contemporary culture,

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Are you achieving your higher self? A Simple Two Question Test.

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Many years ago, my work shifted from a job to a career. In the recent years, my career became my vocation. Along this journey, my work / goals / objectives expanded beyond integrating processes and systems, to integrating people and teams, to now include helping others expand themselves so they may better achieve their own work / goals / objectives. Along these

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Defining Agile Change Management

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UPDATE – Please be sure to check out the Change Management Manifesto as well. How much process is too much process? How can you implement enough process so that you get the benefits (e.g. efficiency, repeatability, scale, etc.) but not too much so as to slow down your agility? The Change Management discipline / industry would be wise to reflect

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