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The Conditioning You are Dealing with, Choose Wisely. 

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Your Board is made up of a dozen or so individuals who have all been conditioned to think, behave, and value certain things in life. Your executive leadership is no different. The management and employees of your company have been conditioned as well, as individuals and, more importantly, as a group over the course of many years, former leaders, and

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Great Talent and Not So Great Results?

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  In the United States, the NFL season is upon us. Players, coaches, and fans are all preparing for opening weekend! In preparation for the upcoming NFL season, the league holds an annual rookie seminar to welcome the newest players into the league, a fantastic ritual to incorporate into any organization. At a recent session, ex-NFL player and coach, Herm Edwards addressed the

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Are you achieving your higher self? A Simple Two Question Test.

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Many years ago, my work shifted from a job to a career. In the recent years, my career became my vocation. Along this journey, my work / goals / objectives expanded beyond integrating processes and systems, to integrating people and teams, to now include helping others expand themselves so they may better achieve their own work / goals / objectives. Along these

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