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The Conditioning You are Dealing with, Choose Wisely. 

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Your Board is made up of a dozen or so individuals who have all been conditioned to think, behave, and value certain things in life. Your executive leadership is no different. The management and employees of your company have been conditioned as well, as individuals and, more importantly, as a group over the course of many years, former leaders, and

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Collaborating – Do you want to be happy or be right?

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Have you ever found yourself in the place where you are debating one side of an issue and gaining no ground whatsoever? Have you ever asked yourself what matters more, being happy or being right? In my change efforts, I frequently look for and, more importantly, listen for these two points. The next time you find yourself in a debate

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Strategic decisions, when can you trust your gut?

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Strategic decisions, when can you trust your gut? – McKinsey Quarterly – Strategy – Strategic Thinking. So, what does your obituary say? What is written on your tombstone? What did you die of? If you are a project manager type you are pretty familiar with contingency planning, risk planning, and risk management. To compel the attention of your audience to

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