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Are you a Purpose Maximizer or Profit Maximizer?

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RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us – StumbleUpon. In light of the increased chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and traditional business magazines regarding employe engagement, I want to recall the video above from Dan Pink that highlights human motivations and the path it highlights towards employee engagement. While many consultants and practitioners offer a process

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Defining Agile Change Management

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UPDATE – Please be sure to check out the Change Management Manifesto as well. How much process is too much process? How can you implement enough process so that you get the benefits (e.g. efficiency, repeatability, scale, etc.) but not too much so as to slow down your agility? The Change Management discipline / industry would be wise to reflect

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Technology Driven Change Fails

admin/ February 5, 2011/ Business Transformation, Change Management, Debate, Transformation Tools & Techniques/ 1 comments

Telstra call centres in crisis Have you seen this before? According to a recent video from John Kotter, on his blog, only 5% of transformations are successful. That means that 95% of the transformations that we are involved in, fail! The link above sheds some insight into a transformation that is in crisis. In summary, Telstra attempted to deploy

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Collaborating – Do you want to be happy or be right?

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Have you ever found yourself in the place where you are debating one side of an issue and gaining no ground whatsoever? Have you ever asked yourself what matters more, being happy or being right? In my change efforts, I frequently look for and, more importantly, listen for these two points. The next time you find yourself in a debate

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Integrating Project and Change Management

admin/ April 29, 2010/ Business Transformation, Debate, Delivery & Execution, Education & Training, Leadership, Project Management, Transformation Tools & Techniques/ 0 comments

On April 27, 2010 project & change management leaders came together in Las Vegas to discuss how and why project management and change management are integrated. I recently had the great honor of speaking as a part of a panel at the 2010 Global Change Management conference hosted by Prosci ( ) and the Association of Change Management Professionals

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