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The 5 Steps of Strategic Implementation

admin/ December 11, 2016/ Business Alignment, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Capability Model, Delivery & Execution/ 0 comments

As we approach the New Year, many of us are setting new aspirations for our health, relationships, and professional achievements. On a corporate level, budgets are being “reloaded”, sales teams are invigorating their energy, and executives are preparing to deliver on a new fiscal year of growth, profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness. How will you as an individual, team, or corporation

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The Conditioning You are Dealing with, Choose Wisely. 

admin/ December 2, 2016/ Business Transformation, Capability Model, Culture, Decision Making, Leadership, Leadership Breakthrough/ 0 comments

Your Board is made up of a dozen or so individuals who have all been conditioned to think, behave, and value certain things in life. Your executive leadership is no different. The management and employees of your company have been conditioned as well, as individuals and, more importantly, as a group over the course of many years, former leaders, and

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