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The 5 Steps of Strategic Implementation

admin/ December 11, 2016/ Business Alignment, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Capability Model, Delivery & Execution/ 0 comments

As we approach the New Year, many of us are setting new aspirations for our health, relationships, and professional achievements. On a corporate level, budgets are being “reloaded”, sales teams are invigorating their energy, and executives are preparing to deliver on a new fiscal year of growth, profitability, efficiency, and effectiveness. How will you as an individual, team, or corporation

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Defining Agile Change Management

admin/ February 15, 2011/ Business Alignment, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Debate, Delivery & Execution, IT Governance, My Quotes, Transformation Tools & Techniques, Vision/ 0 comments

UPDATE – Please be sure to check out the Change Management Manifesto as well. How much process is too much process? How can you implement enough process so that you get the benefits (e.g. efficiency, repeatability, scale, etc.) but not too much so as to slow down your agility? The Change Management discipline / industry would be wise to reflect

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What about Creating Marketplace Disruption?

admin/ August 26, 2010/ Business Alignment, Business Strategy, Business Transformation, Change Management, Leadership, My Quotes, Transformation Tools & Techniques/ 1 comments

LinkedIn: Reading List by Amazon. If you want a practical, down to earth view on dealing with transformational challenges, you owe it to yourself and your clients / company to read this book. Adam Hartung’s “phoenix principle” concept crystallizes what companies and teams can do to make transformations happen. For a quick insight into the thinking, check out his blog

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