Capitalize on Your Transformation

We Help You Capitalize on Your Transformation

How many times have you heard of organizations struggling to implement their strategic intentions. Too often, the failure to deliver transformational results is grounded in a lack of capability and readiness to deliver against the complexity of the challenge that lies ahead. When companies declare radical product, market, customer, and operational goals they want to achieve, there needs to be an investment in their internal ability to deliver on the goals. What if you could increase your internal capability and probability for successfully achieving your strategic results?

“Out of 534 Global Executives surveyed, 48% believe they are somewhat or not at all prepared to successfully execute their transformation.” – Forbes, January 2015

Have you or your company set a transformational agenda for business achievement that exceeds the current delivery capability? We appreciate the vision and courage required by leadership to set a vision and make bold declarations. We also recognize the journey required for leaders and employees to build the “corporate muscle” or capability to successfully deliver on the vision. We have a way of enabling transformation that honors and integrates the leader’s vision with the capability to deliver.

For 25 years we have helped Fortune 500 companies around the world understand and strengthen the key capabilities that are required for transformational success. We have delivered as employees and consultants across their most complex business model changes, market and product shifts, operational improvements, system integrations, cultural changes, and leadership breakthroughs.

Over the course of our work we have retained and codified our learnings into the most valuable Enterprise Transformation Capability Model on the market. Our model includes a wholistic, multidisciplinary approach based on industry best-practices and real-life experience. Our proven model integrates multiple capabilities to accelerate alignment, commitment, and adoption by employees, leaders, and customers.

The Business Change Leadership Capability Model

Our services are the most complete, actionable, and configurable Enterprise Transformation services available to companies and their leaders, today. Based on world class best-practices and our global transformational experience in multiple industries, our model contains a comprehensive set of capabilities organized into three pillars:

  • Drive the Strategy – How are you driving the company to define, commit, and course correct delivery of your strategic intentions?
  • Unleash the People – How do you facilitate the people, organization, and culture changes so the desired benefits are adopted and sustained?
  • Implement the Value – How do you set your people up to deliver, measure & monitor the implementation of strategic intentions?

Our uniqueness comes from being:

  1. Complete. Our model includes all the capabilities that companies need to implement their bold strategies based on best-practices and experience. Most models orient from a singular domain like people, process, or technology. Ours is more inclusive than any other helping you to assemble a diverse set of disciplines and be better prepared to successfully delivery your strategies. 
  2. Actionable. Many capability models are designed to describe business concepts that are vague like structure, style, or skills that are difficult for senior leaders to evaluate and ascertain if they are truly prepared for the transformational agenda they are embarking on with their colleagues. Our capability model is competency based and written in straight-forward business language, so that senior leaders can evaluate their enterprise and determine which investments in which competencies are needed to accelerate the implementation of their strategy.
  3. Configurable. Our model can be integrated in many ways to match your industry, business model, leadership, and culture. We love process and methodology, and so do many of our clients. We work with your existing processes and methods to align them to our capability model and determine how efficient and effective they are towards achieving your goals. If you are not that strong in process or methodology, that’s OK too, we can help you identify how much process is good enough to achieve your desired outcomes.
  4. Learning Oriented. We continually refine our approach, to harvest learnings from client to client, as a capability within our model. We value a learning environment within our client’s transformations, and we strive to role model our values in our work. By embedding the learnings into the model you get the benefit of our experience.

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How Can You Better Prepare for Transformation?

Are you disappointed with the progress against your strategic plans? Are you increasingly weary of schedules slipping month after month with no end in sight? Are your shareholders growing impatient, customers becoming frustrated, and employees increasing resistance as you progress deeper into your implementation plans? Our comprehensive approach accelerates senior leaders ability to get under these challenges and more in as soon as 30 days.

“Experience has taught us that with increased complexity comes the need for increased capability.”  – Joe Rafter, Owner & CEO, Business Change Leaders Inc.

To learn more about the capabilities within our model, contact us via this website. We offer a tailored project to Discover, Strategize, and Roadmap your enterprise transformational preparedness in 30-90 days, depending on scope and scale. Our approach includes:

  • Discovery of your current internal transformational capabilities to identify gaps in your progress against plans, oversight of delivery, and actual results. We do this through reviews of your processes and deliverables followed-up by in-person interviews of key leaders.
  • Strategic selection, alignment, and design of the highest leverage capabilities using co-creative workshops with senior leaders so we can accelerate your transformation to be more efficient and effective.
  • Creating a roadmap to plan and activate the improvement of your enterprise transformational capabilities with clear accountability and timelines.
  • Delivery of a cloud-based dashboard for ongoing planning, monitoring, and measurement of your tailored capability model and improvement roadmap, so you can take ownership of your improvements.

A simple early investment OR an interim check-point in your preparedness to implement your strategic transformation will improve your financial returns and reduce resistance to your goals. Let’s shorten the distance between your strategic intentions and realizing the value, together.

We help organizations and their leaders capitalize on their transformations. Our approach generates alignment and commitment to your strategy by your people through the most valuable enterprise transformationmodel available today. To learnmore, email us at